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Munich Network.
Catalyzing Innovation.

With a broad-based backbone in technology and industry, Munich Network is an independent, not for profit, thus neutral organization geared to promote innovation through collaboration.

Munich Network links the different groups in the innovation ecosystem by connecting parties in search of innovation (‚innovation consumer‘) with parties that offer ground-breaking solutions (‚innovation provider‘) and parties who enhance innovation (‚innovation enabler‘).

Munich Network accelerates innovation by networking and bringing together these worldwide relevant players with an exclusive focus of helping all players to achieve their goal.

In this role as a ‚Matchmaker‘ among the different parties, Munich Network is furthermore personally and directly connected with many of the most important technology centres in Germany, in Europe and internationally.

Strong global companies and established medium-sized companies put trust in Munich Network‘s innovation competencies, just
like ambitious new technology ventures. Furthermore investors, consulting firms, lawyers, research establishments and NGO are members in the Munich Network.


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Munich Network – Netzwerk München e.V.
Katharina Hickel, Project Management
Rosenheimer Straße 145 i, 81671 Munich

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Email: katharina.hickel@munichnetwork.com