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About Rheinmetall Automotive

Rheinmetall Automotive AG is the parent company of Rheinmetall Group’s mobility sector and is represented worldwide at more than 40 locations.

As an automotive supplier, Rheinmetall Automotive develops, produces and markets components and systems for the auto­motive industry. The core competencies of the operating units cover the following areas related to the internal combustion engine: reduction of emissions, pollutants, and consumption; cooling and thermal management, downsizing, and the reduc­tion of weight and friction. Furthermore, Rheinmetall Automotive deals with the drives of the future for electric and hybrid vehicles, and has aligned its development and production accordingly. With the premium brands KS Kolbenschmidt and Pierburg, Rheinmetall Automotive looks back upon more than a hun­dred years of automotive competency – and with Motorservice a strong brand in the automotive aftermarket. We have a workface of around 11,000 employees at our production locations in Europe, North and South America, Japan, India plus China.This combi­nation results in unique system competency that enables all current and future mobility topics to be covered in a compre­hensive fashion.